Gospel Music Fan compiled a listing of southern gospel music
artists and singers from singing in the hometown church to
traveling the world to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.
You will find information about the singers such as their
biographies, current schedules, special events, contact
information, activities and online product stores.

Due to the changing of date, time and location of events, it would
be advisable to click on the event for the latest information.


The Labourers
Lacey Family
The Ladd Family
Amy Ladd
Lake Shore Quartet
Lamb Family
Amy Lambert
The Lanes
Bryan Langley
John Lanier
Mark Lanier
Larry Nelson Family
Larry Smith
Latter Rain
Lawrence Chewning
Leah Page
Randy Ledbetter
Cricket Lee
Mallory Ledford
The Lee Gann Quartet
Linda Lee Burnett
Ricky Lee
Eva Mae Lefevre
LeFevre Quartet
Legacy Five
Legacy of Faith
Legacy of Praise
Leta Stroud
Lewis Family
Lewis & Lewis
Liberty Quartet
Liberty Quartet
Lighthouse Boys
Lighthouse Trio
Lighthouse Quartet
Light Soldiers
Lillie Knauls
Link Family
The Lisembys
Little Jan Buckner
Little Roy & Lizzy
Living Proof
Living Proof Quartet
Living River Quartet
David Livingston
Living Water
Living Water Quartet
Living Well
Greg Lockridge
Lulu Roman
Lynn Logan
Lori Long
Coleman Looper Family
Lore Family
Lori Gay
Tim and Mary Alice Lovelace
LoveSong Trio
The Loynachans
Bev Lowry
Mark Lowry
Terry & Debra Luna
Moni Lutz
Brad Luzadder
Lynda Randle
Lynette Johnson
Betty Lynne
Jim Mahalick
Majestic Heights Quartet
Majestic Sounds Quartet
Jerry Malone
Malpass Brothers
Marc Ivey
March Forth
Mark Mudd
Keith Marcum
Mariners Quartet
Marisa Bush
Marksmen Quartet
Marla Conrad
Marlene Pelt
Lee Marshall
The Marshalls
Andrew Martin
Renee Martin
The Martins
Marvin Morrow
Harold Massey
Masters Call
Master Four Canada
Masters Hand
Masters Hands
Masters Men
Masters Quartet
Masters Men Quartet
Masters Own
Master Peace Gospel
Masterpeace Quartet
Masters Plan
Masters Quartet
Master Sounds
Masters Sound Quartet
Masters III
Masters Touch
Master's Hand Quartet
Masters Voice
Robert Matelski
Lorne Matthews
The Mattingly Family
Violet Maynard
McClellan Singing Sisters
Greg McDougal
Quintin McGinnnis
The McKameys
Angelina McKeithen
The McMillans
McMillan & Life
The McNallys
Gary McSpadden
Dave McVay
Melissa Hoffman-Hillard
Melody Boys Quartet
Melody Boys Quartet
Melody Makers
Melody Masters
Megan Cox
Mencer.White & Cheney
The Men of Faith
Men of Faith
Men of Faith Quartet
Men Of Praise Quartet
Jeri Mercer
Mercy's Promise Quartet
Mercy Mountain Boys
Mercy Rain
Mercy Rain
Mercy River
Mercy River Quartet
Mercy Song Quartet
Mercy's Vessel
Mercy's Well
Meyers Family
Michael Bright
Michael Fischer
Midstate Quartet
Mike & Kelly Bowling
Miles Pike
Mike Wainright
Milby Family
Miller Family
J. P. Miller
Mills Family
Quinton Mills
Walt Mills
Johnny Minick
Ministry in Song
Minister's Quartet,
Mission Quartet
Mission of Love Trio
The Missouriana
Mitchum Brothers
Doyle Moats Family
Doug & Lydia Moesta
Bill Monaghan
Monroe Crossing
Big Mo Ostrander
The Montgomery's
Judith Montgomery
Linda Moore
The Moodys
Rosalee Moore
Moore Family
Tommy Moseley
Phil & Pam Morgan
Terry Morgan
Melissa Morris
Rocky Morris
The Morris Family
Tommy Moseley
Morris Mott
Gordon Mote
Mountain Joy
Movin' Up
Sherry Moyers
Muddle Family
Buddy Mullins
Wayne Mullins
Bill Mullis
Myles Howard Family
N + Him Trio
Nadine And Stevie
Nale Family
Nancy Logsdon
Naomi & The Segos
Nancy Unsworth
Narrow Road
Narrow Road
Native Witness
Neal Family
The Neals
The Needhams
The Nehrkorn
The Nesbitts
New Beginnings
New Beginning Trio
New Calvary Echoes
New City Trio
New Covenant
New Day
New Day
New Desire
New Destiny Quartet
New Destiny
New Direction Trio
Newfound Road
New Grace Trio
New Ground
New Heir
New Hope Trio
New Horizon Gospel
New Horizons
New Jerusalem Bluegrass
New Jerusalem Singers
New Journey Quartet
New Liberty Quartet
New Life Trio
New Life Trio
New Life Trio
New Mercy Trio
New Plainsmen Quartet
New Presence Quartet
New Reason
New Rivival Quartet
New Salem
New Season
New Shoes Quartet
New Sounds of Promise
New Spirit Quartet
New Tradition
New Vision Trio
New Vision Quartet
New Vision Quartet
New Wine Quartet
New Way Quartet
Michelle Nichols
Noahs Faith
Robin Noel
No Greater Love Singers
Noland Tucker
No Other Name Quartet
Tammy Norris
Gordon & Brenda North
Not By Chance
Oak Grove Boys
Oak Grove Quartet
Oak Ridge Boys
The Ohlers
Omega Quartet
One Accord
One Accord Quartet
Old Paths
Sue Ann O'Neal
J. B. & Melanie O'Neal
Marlene O'Neill
One Heart
One Less Stone
One Spirit
One Voice Quartet
1 Voice in Praise
One Voice
One Voice Trio
One Way
One Way Quartet
One Way Quartet
Open Heart Quartet
Original Gospel Sounds
John Osborne
Big Mo Ostrander
The Oxendines
Overtones Quartet
Ray Owens
Pacesetters Quartet
The Padgetts
Page Trio
Paid in Full
Palmetto State Quartet
Parables of Christ
Parish Family
Ivan Parker
Alan Parks
Bernie Parquette
Samantha Parrish
The Parsons
Squire Parsons
Partain Family
Janet Paschal
Patsy Mayo
Pat Hutchings
David Patillo
The Partons
Tim Parton
Patriot Quartet
Paul Armstrong
Paul Family
Paul Irwin
Paul's Journey
Kevin Pauls
Paul Lambert
Paul Wheater
James Payne
The Paynes
Peachland Quartet
Pearly Gates
The Pearly Gates
The Pearsons
Marlene Pelt
The Perkins
The Perrys
Cathy Perry
Randy Perry
Shannon Perry
Perry Sisters
Perfect Love
Ray Peters
Logan Pettis
Peyton Bailey
The Pfeifers
Phil & Pam Morgan
Chonda Pierce
Plourd Family Quartet
Phil Cross
Phil & Jan Enloe
Dianna Phillips
Keith Plott
Randy Plummer
The Plummers
Poet Voices
Garry Polston Family
Pope Brothers
Neil Pope
Porter Family
Porter Song
Mike Powell
Praise 4 Him
Praise Fourmation
Praise Singers
Praise to Him
Precious Seed
Premier Quartet
Primitive Quartet
Wesley Pritchard
Proclaimers Quartet
The Profitts
Promisedland Quartet
Rod Propes
Providence Quartet
Curtis Pruett
Pryor Family
Psalm 100
Psalm 101
Psalm 108
The Puffers
Pullen Family
Pure Grace
Pure N Heart
Pure Heart Trio